Hope you’re a good driver because, boy, if you can’t pull a juicy drift, you’re no match against president Lazrhawk.

As a hired driver, drift your way to the top and help overthrow president Lazrhawk in a cyberpunk world of Ultra 85, where drift challenges are the only way to settle conflicts.

Drift or Die is a narrative-driven, cyberpunk, top-down driving game set in a dystopian future, offering a single player story mode and a local/couch multiplayer for up to 4 players using controllers/gamepads.

For more info you can visit Drift or Die’s official website, Twitter or find it’s page on Itch.io.


Status: In development – beta
Platform: Windows
Genre: Arcade, driving
Language: English
Input: Keyboard and gamepad support
Modes: Single player story mode,
Local multiplayer 1-4 (with controllers)


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