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Patryk Majgat
Founder, Lead designer, Lead developer
Karol Nowatkowski
Designer, 3d modeling

We’re a start-up indie game dev studio, unofficially working since 2018, releasing Galactic Drone and Pure Chance show for mobile, and officially registered as a company in 2021, working on Drift or Die and CatSim.

At this moment, our team consists of two people wanting to turn their passion for creating and playing games into a dream career that is game development.

Our goals for the future are creating games that ourselves and the global community would like to see on the market, instead of reproducing abundant trends; creating vibrant worlds for players to explore, with unique and fun visual style, allowing people to enjoy a break from day-to-day lives; as well as creating a workplace welcoming new team members with similar mindset and wanting to turn their vision into reality by creating great games.

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Project Rat Ltd. is Registered in Newark, England. Company number: 13318809