The website has been down for some time, however, I managed to get back old posts and content. It’s time for some updates!

Drift or Die

As a hired driver, drift your way to the top and help overthrow president Lazrhawk in a cyberpunk world of Ultra 85, where drift challenges are the only way to settle conflicts.

Drift or Die is a narrative-driven, cyberpunk, top-down driving game set in a dystopian future, offering a single player story mode and a local/couch multiplayer for up to 4 players using controllers/gamepads. We’ve been working on it for the past six months and it’s currently in a post open beta stage. The open beta was available on for about a month and will soon be replaced by a playable demo until the game receives some funding in order to get finished and polished.

Crazy Adventures of Tenacious Sam and the Inconceivable Mayhem

Join Sam in discovering the world full of crazy adventures through the eyes of one, tenacious cat.


Crazy Adventures of Tenacious Sam and the Inconceivable Mayhem – CatSim in short – is a brand new game – a third person action adventure with exploring element – we’re working on. Currently in pre-alpha/alpha stage, a crazy world is being built for you to explore! . Follow Project Rat on Twitter for updates and some funny clips from the game.

That’s all, folks!

That is all for the most important updates. For more updates on the games, progress and clips, I recommend following Project Rat on Twitter.

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