galactic drone update

Good news everyone!

Galactic Drone alpha version has now been updated on google play and some cool new features have been added. We now have the ability to use boost. Tap boost button on the left side of the screen for a short burst of speed. Replenish the boost gauge by flying really close to obstacles. A shield pick-up also appears after second planet, making you invincible for a short amount of time when activated by tapping the shield button on the right side of the screen. Combine it with few bursts of boost and you’ve made a lot of progress in the level.

Steering has been improved to feel smoother and to let player be more precise.

A new, faster drone has also been added as well as a new planet: Garron.

New Drone for Galactic Drone

The way the level’s difficulty and spanning of obstacles  is calculated has been completely changed as there were some issues with the way it worked before.

Non-invasive, banner ads are now displayed beneath the in-game menu.

All-in-all there’s always a room for improvement.

This started as (and it still is) a simple game but there is always work that can be done to make it better. That said, if all goes well, Galactic Drone should be available to everyone as open beta on Google Play store by the end of this weekend (25 mar 2018).

check out galactic drone on google play here


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